1. Go zip lining
2. Go skydiving
3. Go on a hot air balloon
4. Learn to roll a cigar
5. Forgive someone from your past
6. Go to a holistic doctor
7. Take a scuba diving class
8. Get a physical
9. Go out of the country
10. Learn calligraphy
11. Treat yourself to one luxury item
12. Go camping go to ny or cali & be in a live audience
13. Make sushi
14. Take an etiquette class
15. DIY something
16. Create a budget
17. Volunteer
18. Save $1,000
19. Go to a city you’ve never been to
20. Go on a staycation
21. Test drive a Tesla (it’s free!)
22. See a broadway show
23. Have a spa day
24. Send cards to everyone in your phone
25. Go horseback riding
26. Go on a dinner cruise
27. Go on a private jet tour
28. Make ice cream (from scratch)
29. Take a pottery class
30. Pay for a stranger’s groceries or dinner
31. Sleep under the stars
32. Take a dance class
33. Read 30 books