I’ve experienced some of my greatest facial skin progress during the wee hours of the night. And although I want to take credit for these I Woke Up Like Disz Findings, I have to give Mother Nature her bed cred’ because beauty being an overnight process is a science (and a God) thing. The fact is, our skin does amazing things while we are sleep – so long as we allow it to happen (and give it a couple of friendly boosts along the way). Here, I’m going to share what I call: Overnight Skin Science topped with The Morning Maintenace needed to maintain and further enhance what Mother Nature deems “Beauty Sleep”.


sommeil de beauté
+ new cells = new face. as you sleep, your skin’s metabolic rate speeds up which increases the production and breakdown of protein. protein is what’s needed for cell growth to happen, and cell growth is your skin’s way of repairing itself from uv rays and other skin damaging processes. tissue repair + skin rejuvenation takes place while you’re sleeping so long as you are in a deep quality sleep. and who doesn’t want effortless maintenance of skin errors that may have been caused throughout the day? / so how can you ensure healthy skin repair during this nightly new cell process? make sure your sleep duration exceeds 7 hours. the deeper and longer you sleep, the more your skin’s metabolic rate speeds up and allows for the process to happen. also make sure that your face is exfoliated, so chemicals aren’t being further embedded into the skin.

+ did you say collagen? people pay for collagen when they realize that their face is aging quickly and that their skin is thinning. allowing yourself the proper amount of quality rest allows for circulation and oxygen to flow to your skin which is known as peripheral vasodilation. this process allows for ‘receptors’ to spring to life within the blood vessels and grab amino acid molecules (the building blocks) to help build more collagen, all while fluid and toxins are drained. / how can you make sure your blood is healthy? eat a dinner that benefits the heart! salmon, flaxseed, oatmeal, red wine, and these things make the cut! the better the blood, the better the collagen. *cheers* to firm and plump skin!
+ lack of sleep = dark circles and there is a reason why! when there isn’t enough sleep, circulation of the blood isn’t at it’s highest potential thus resulting in skin looking dull and translucent.
+ lather up! nighttime is the best time to use your beauty products as your skin can benefit from them and take them in much better during this cell rejuvenation process. i prefer organic products such as coconut oil in my nightly-lather-on process as i find that it leaves my skin soft, moisturized, and healthy. oh, and it’s one of the things in my pantry that has natural spf in it.

+ breakdown eat heart-healthy dinner for firmer skin without botox. exfoliate and rid the skin of dirt and grime for au natural cell rejuvenation. lather up your skin in healthy skincare products. allow your blood to circulate by getting an ample amount of quality rest to ensure brighter complexion that glows.

good morning, beautiful
+ your skin is hydrated but you can hydrate it more. when you wake up, start your morning with a glass (or two) of water. clean water allows for your organs to wake up and be cleansed properly!
+ add spf, even if you’re black spf added to the skin protects it from all of the hard work it did overnight! take pride in your skin and form a barrier between it and the uv rays that’ll grace over it throughout the day. if you feel like spf is too much of an extra step, add it to your lotion. and if you’re a girl who always wonders why her dark marks don’t go away, you may want to read this short post on why!
+ go for healthier makeup my new favorite brand is nars. i’ve been killing their super orgasm, powder foundation with spf 12, their primer and their concealer! so why nars, you ask? because i want skin better than makeup and nars is cruelty-free and vegan, which ultimately means it’s less harmful to my skin!

Image Source: Models With No Makeup by François Nars for Nars Cosmetics