What are Protective Styles? Protective Styles are ones done in an effort to protect your hair, namely the oldest and most fragile parts of your hair, which are the ends.

Why do people Protective Style? In order to retain the length of your hair your ends must be well taken care of. Hair will always grow from the scalp, but it often breaks at the ends, thus making it appear as if it isn’t “growing”. Protecting your ends and keeping them moisturized will keep them alive thus allowing you to hold on to the length and livelihood of your tresses.

How often should you Protective Style? As often as you feel your hair appreciates. So long as your hair is moisturized while being in it’s protective state your hair will thrive!

Spotted Backstage at a Runway Show

Remember when my hair strived the most? It was a direct result of gentle care, weekly deep conditioning, and protective styling!