Model: Kelly Gale, Backstage
Have you all heard of Sarah Smith, the 42 year old woman who went viral after releasing pictures along with an article she wrote testifying that drinking 3 liters of water for 4 weeks took 10 years off of her face? Because I did, and was immediately sold by her effortless beauty transformation. It’s crazy how you can detoxify your skin, body, and blood through a simple water drinking technique.  photo QUOTEA_zps1314cb0e.png Over the four week period, Sarah (who originally started drinking water excessively after being told by her doctor to do so for her headaches), documented the changes she started seeing not only in her body’s functionalities but also in her physical appearance. She notes that by week two her skin tone appeared more even, her blotches began diminishing, and her eyes began to soften out as they were no longer encapsulated by darkened lids. She also noted that her breath smelled less “breathy”, her headaches were no longer occurring and she was using the bathroom regularly. By week three, the dark circles and wrinkles around Sarah’s eyes were all gone and her skin looked more plump and hydrated. She also notes that she was more productive as her brain (which is 73% water) was benefiting from the intake. Along with all of her facial changes, Sara began losing inches from her waist as drinking more water made her much fuller which resulted in her eating less. And by Sarah’s final week she boasts naturally dewy skin and a much more youthful appearance that made her look more like the newly forty she was and less like the newly fifty she once appeared to be. So I’m going to put this little 3-liter-thing into action and dedicate 28 days to doing the same. This will be tough for me considering water bores me and drinking excessive amounts of it sort of freaks me out. But I want clearer skin dangit! And I’m willing to do whatever it takes, naturally of course. I have personal skin goals that I have set for myself and quite frankly I’m getting a little tired of this dying to be beautiful trend, which is why my beauty goal is to have skin better than makeup.

So what was the purpose of this post?! To invite you to join me! During the gap between Thanksgiving + Christmas I’ll be drinking 2-3 Liters of water a day for 28 days straight. I say 2-3 because I want to make sure I do this the safe way as the overconsumption of water can sometimes be hazardous. I want to bring in the New Year refreshed and brand new and I think that this will be the best way to do it! I’m choosing the gap between holidays because, a sistas gotta eat (and drink). I’ve always looked 12 years old so my goal isn’t to look younger but it is to look healthier and more like the person I was born to be.

This beauty challenge will be great for girls who are currently:
● Defecating Through Their Skin // That’s essentially what’s happening with acne.
● Suffering from Crocodile-Skin // Dry skin girls, stand up!
● Not being carded when purchasing Alcohol // Time to de-age!
● Having to blend out blemishes // Because you’re multi-toned

2 of the above apply to me,
but I won’t even go there. I’m down for the count and hoping that some of you will be down for it as well! So, who’s in?! And for you professional water-drinkers, how do you do it?