I work in the hotel industry, specifically at properties with business clientele. Day in and day out I’m there to witness every mistress, prostitute, and one-night stand that comes in and out of our doors. The reason for these women’s attendance? To visit married men who are miles away from home and staying at my hotel on company business. These men look to par. They come in sharp with well-tailored suits, shined shoes, and wedding bands that glisten underneath my desk’s lamp. During the week they’re hiding in their rooms buzzing random women in and by the weekend they’re cheesing and introducing me to their wives (most in which are pregnant) who have come to visit since their husbands have been away for over three weeks. Most wives smile at me, proudly wearing their oh-so-perfect husbands on their arms while others give me the cold shoulder, letting me know that although I’ve been with their husbands for just about a month they belong to them. To family and friends, these couples seem perfect. And in the eyes of the wives, their husbands are everything they could ever want and more. I am these guy’s confidants. Although we leave the obvious left unspoken, we both know what is going on – and unfortunately for me, this overexposure into a man’s world has left me more aware of the fact that many people aren’t as they appear.

In fact, it’s easy to notice that those who are unaware of their husband’s doings are far more happier then those who are aware. Just think about every relationship you have ever been involved in. Prior to you and that person breaking up, things were wonderful in your eyes – you felt great and alive, you felt unstoppable, you gave your best, and in most instances you were your best. But it was only at that very moment that you found out that things weren’t as they appeared that you started to feel turned off by the relationship. Looking back, would you have preferred not to know or are you truly happy that you knew and have since moved on?

Seeing all of this makes me wonder: Is it better to know or not to know? When it’s all said and done what will matter the most: you loving wholeheartedly and truthfully, you being heart broken by a failed marriage/relationship, or you loving and living a lie. Is ignorant love, the type that sees him as perfect, in fact, the better love?

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