So I finally got my camera up and running again, and of course I had to begin my ‘ventures with selfies! Generational norms. This is me minutes before heading to the airport, and as clichè as clichè gets I wore a distressed “New York” tee recently purchased from PacSun (unplanned, I promise). Anything to scream obnoxious tourist coming through. So far, I’m loving the city although I don’t see myself living here. For a girl who just likes to just get up and go, public transportation is not the business. Anywho, I’ve learned so much at the Focus 100, Digital Undivided Conference this past weekend and I was able to meet so many hardworking individuals in tech! Amongst them all, I finally got to hang with Issa Rae, Scott Hanselman, AfroBella, Luvvie, and Chescaleigh. Issa is the girl behind the phenomenal Awkward Black Girl web-series and is currently working on a pilot for HBO! Luvvie + Sam teamed up for Ratchet And The Geek. Oh and I got to meet Tammy, who’s site I designed about three years ago and still communicate with, and Blessing, who’s startup team I’ve been working on for the past year. It’s crazy how you can fall in love with web-personalities from your computer screen and then come face to face with them to engage in casual conversation. The tech world is such a beautiful place and there is so much room for growth and development. I’m ready to take on new projects and to watch the start-up that I’m the VP of Marketing for, grow! I look forward to my life in this industry and I’m excited to be refueled for the New Year! Is anyone else feeling the holiday spirit a little early? Anything new and/or exciting happening for you? I’d love to hear it! Drop me a postcard or a comment above. ;].