It’s those sloth-like days that destroy all ounces of productivity and hope within me. Those days, I wake up physically but remain asleep mentally. I’m human, so it’s only natural that days of laziness consume me from time to time, but when those days turn into weeks, and those weeks turn into months, I have to make lifestyle changes that take me out of a state of stuck and push me into a state of certainty. We don’t always realize it but sometimes our lack of motivation stems from internal places that we tend to neglect. I’ve realized that there were specific times when I was the most productive and during those times productivity came effortlessly. When I compare those times to my lazy times, the source of my unmotivatedness becomes clear. Here’s my Guide To Kicking The Unmotivated Lifestyle:

+ Power Punch Your Pick-Me-Up I’ve never been a big breakfast eater. Besides biscuits, there isn’t really a breakfast food that I go crazy for. So when it comes to the first meal of my day, it usually happens sometime after noon. But I realized a major change in me when I started eating right and eating more times a day- my energy levels were through the roof! Instead of relying on energy drinks to pick me up I started power punching my pick-me-up by incorporating foods that were packed with nutritional power. I sought out foods that brought the wake up naturally and began to realize that food wasn’t for filling up stomachs but was instead for fueling our bodies! Breakfast for me now consists of fruit and/or yogurt. In fact, yogurt with dry oats and this seed mix from Publix always has me feeling alive and awake. Mind you – I don’t even eat oatmeal, nor do I really pride myself on eating seeds/nuts. But putting just a spoonful of each in my yogurt in the morning has kick-started my day in the right way! And if you don’t want to eat yogurt or fruit, still consider incorporating Chia seeds in your morning diet! It’ll be your morning kickstarter!

+ Declutter Your Environment I’m a firm believer that the more cluttered your environment is, the more cluttered your mind will in turn be. As humans, we naturally prioritize things in our minds. There are days where I want to accomplish tons of things, but I end up spending the bulk of my day in bed contemplating the order in which I want to actually do those things. Before I realize it, the sun goes down and the moon begins to rise and I’ve accomplished nothing. The first step to progression for me is a clean space. A space that is organized and that is full of pleasant aromas and organically pleasing sounds. This sets the tone for the rest of my day and week and allows me to move forward in other ventures because I can do so with a clear mind and not one that’s wandering around my room questioning things that are out of place. Think about libraries, they make for a great place to study because of their openness. Not only are libraries quiet but a “study room” or cubicle in a library is often one that is simplistic in form. White walls, a wooden table, a wooden chair, and a light. This simplicity and organized space allows for a clear mind that has no place to wander. On lazy days / weeks, I clean up, organize, plug in some Glade Plug-Ins, open my window, and turn on Pandora all after an energetic food boost.

+ Subtract Your Baggage, Multiply Your Gain And the last thing I do to come out of a slump is subtract my baggage and multiply my gain. I tend to cut those things in my life that take up a lot of time but don’t progress me as an individual. Whether that be people or things, I’m sure to let them go gently so I can focus on what’s important. Sometimes we become so consumed with the lives of other’s that we fail to realize that we’re passing up and sacrificing our lives at the expense of watching theirs. In order to get motivated, we have to drop the focus we have on things and revert the focus to ourselves. Don’t put yourself in a position where you see more of them and less of you because that’s when you’ll start comparing your worst to everyone else’s best. I subtract what doesn’t benefit me and I start to bring in the things that will. I read about the things I want to do, I invest in the crafts I wish to perfect, I purchase a notebook strictly dedicated to my thoughts, and I begin filling my calendar up with daily to dos!

What’s on your Guide To Kicking The Unmotivated Lifestyle?