Well, there’s an app for that! I recently was introduced to the Workout Trainer Personal Fitness Coach App by Skimble! One of my good friends (who has a pretty sick body if I may add), TK, introduced me to it when he felt like I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough in the gym. But after sideeying him and asking, “what do you mean I’m not pushing myself hard enough?”, he told me to download it and I’m penning this note to you, sore and elated. This app is the truth kids. If you’re anything like me, you don’t have any friends (in town) that can go to the gym with you regularly. This app gives me just the push I need to get to where I want to be! I mean let’s face it, it’s hard to work out when you don’t know what to even do! But this app will make you feel as if you have a trainer in your ear and a friend on your side! I’ve been getting toned, for real by doing the “at-home” workout in the small open area I have in my room and the “gym” workout when I go to my clubhouse’s gym!

The thing I like the most about this app is that you customize it to your liking! Here’s how you do it:
+ Input your weight + height. for the app’s knowledge.
+ Pick where you’ll be working out. No gym membership? Let the app know that you’ll be working out at home. Going to work out at the gym? Let the app know which machines your gym has! Running around the neighborhood? They’ll give you something worthwhile to do!
+ Pick what you wish to achieve with the workout. Do you want to burn fat? Get toned? Increase your health?
+ Pick which muscle groups you’d like to focus on? Total body? Abs? Legs? Arms? Back?
+ Map out your workout! A list of workouts will be given to you! You can tap each one and change them or you can rearrange them! This allows for the greatest amount of customization! Picking my workouts based on this list has helped me workout the right areas in a way that is actually effective! Pretty awesome stuff! Once you have completely customized your workout it is stored in the app so you can use it whenever you wish! I have a Monday, Wednesday, Friday workout plan and a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday workout plan!

 photo wio_zps8b810266.png And the final thing that I love about this app aside from its unlimited customization is its ability to work with you. That’s right folks, this app will work out with you. You press “start workout” and it’ll talk you through each workout, as well as, show you a clip of someone doing it with you. I learned a lot about my form while working out just because of the trainer’s constant tips throughout! Great app and a must download! Just visit the app store and search: “Cross Trainer”. Viewing this post from your iPhone? Click Here! Enjoy!