Staple Pieces can have tons of versatility! The key? Expanding your closet’s color + print palette that way you can retransform your staple piece with each wear! Being the minimalist that I am, I believe that less is truly more. And in most cases, less sometimes will take you further than more. If you’re looking to make use of your closet’s staples then be sure to have one that you will wear comfortably and confidently! Miroslava Duma’s Cork Platforms?! A prime example of playing up principles.

Elongate yourself. If you’re un belle petit standing under 5’5″ you can elongate your limbs in a sexy and chic way! Wear bottoms that cut off at least half way above the knee, wear wide leg trousers that gracefully swing above the ground, and go head girl, rock those high heels – they were made for you!