It’s almost that time of the year again! Thanksgiving time! And I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited about being around the people I love. But the pressure is definitely on when you get invited to your beau’s family’s dinner. What is a girl to wear when trying to make the right impression, be respectful, and be conservative all while showing her true style? Here are a few things to keep in mind before mindlessly (and disrespectfully) bum rushing your repertoire for the big event!

What is the time and location of the dinner? I must admit, I was pretty naive up until going away to college when it came to Thanksgiving dinner. I thought everyone was like my family, eating a three-course meal at or after five pm on china in the dining room where dinner music played in the background. Ehh, wrong answer. I learned, via my sister’s boyfriends at the time, that some dinners can take the opposite approach. They are at times casual and laid back, taking place at noon, while everyone dances in the line while waiting to serve themselves. So, what’s my point. Knowing the time and location of the dinner, lunch, or brunch will play a huge role in what you decide to wear. You don’t want to feel out of place, come off as being too dressed up or too dressed down, and/or offend anyone by not dressing for the occasion. You don’t want to be wearing your skinniest heels if his family hosts their dinner outside on the grass. Trying to avoid looking like your sinking is no fun. Know the time and location and be dressed appropriately and comfortably.

What usually takes place at his family’s gathering? By the end of the night, our family dances, mingles, and play games, all while watching the game. We play lots of reggae, soca, and kompa and we get down. Of course, being that it is my parent’s home, I kick off my shoes. However, my house guest’s tend to wear shoes have lower heels or shoes that are more comfortable because they don’t plan on taking them off. Ask your beau what his family usually does so that you can have the proper shoes for game playing, dancing, serving, and possibly even cleaning. Because as we ladies all know, we tend to always find our way into the kitchen by the end of the night, while the boys kick back and relax. Helping to clean up is a great gesture of etiquette that shows that you are thankful for the invite and hospitality. So if you do plan on staying for the entire event, pack your favorite flats or sandals or wear shoes that you can stand in comfortably and confidently for long periods of time. They’ll be thankful for the gesture.

What is the importance of concealing your body parts? This is major. One thing I’ve learned just from working as a stylist is that I’m constantly having to bend over and lean forward, this is why I won’t rock a loose chiffon top without a cami underneath and I won’t leave home with tights without doing the “look back at it” test. You don’t want to serve buns to Grandpa by leaning forward in your sheer leggings and you don’t want to pass the bread by leaning forward with your free spirited boobs waving at Uncle Joe… and his wife. Mind your cleavage and manage your assets, in everything that you do.

What are some things that you keep in mind (or will keep in mind) when going to your beau’s dinner?