– Highlight & Contour to give your face a more dramatic look. Highlight your features and give them more definition by learning techniques that will enhance them. Bring out those cheekbones and sink in those cheeks!
– Get dramatic with your eyelashes! Whether you put on your favorite pair of falsies or layer on your favorite mascara, make sure your eyelashes are big and bold to give your face more flirtation.
– Channel your inner Egyptian Goddess by adding bronzer to your cheekbones and to the bridge of your nose! Not only will this give you a natural glow but it will also give your otherwise plain face an exotic touch!
– Make sure your eyebrows are well groomed! Eyebrows make the lady. Untamed eyebrows can give a more androgynous look whereas well tailored brows can give you a cosmetic facelift.
– Moisturize your edges. There’s nothing like well moisturized edges. You don’t have to gel them down, but you should definitely have them well polished. They’ll soften up your look and make it uniformed, defined, and crisp.
– And as a final touch, a Sweet & Soft pucker in any hue is key to amplifying and completing your look. Whether your lips are a bold red or a natural nude, be sure to make sure your lips are well exfoliated and moisturized with a base that’ll allow your lips to not dry out but to instead maintain its health. Consider using vaseline, shea butter, or Extra Virgin Olive Oil underneath any lipstick or gloss.