I let my hair wild the other day. I’ve been applying way too much heat these past couple of weeks, so after washing and deep conditioning it this time, I let it air dry, picked it, and rocked a sexy fro. It’s been a while since I rocked my hair curly and I felt exotic and like a lioness. So don’t think I’ll be flat ironing it anytime soon. Anywho, I came across this little “A to Z” thingy on a blog forum and decided I’d take a punch at it. Even during Myspace days, I never did one of these stupid things. But it was quite fun, to say the least, and I may just do more in the future. I don’t know if they’re fun to read, because I never read anyones, but if you have as much time on your hands as me today, you just might find it quuiittee entertaining.

[A] Age: A lady should never tell her age, I’m in my 20’s though.
[B] Bed Size: Queen, until my King lets me make his King my home.
[C] Chore that you hate: Laundry; well, I don’t mind the washing and drying part– it’s the putting up and folding part that I find disrespectful.
[D] Dogs: Not personally, but my family has one that we co-parent. Love her to death, but she’s the reason I now know that I won’t be having any pets. Who would have ever knew that they’d have bodily issues that humans would be responsible for handling (ie: diarrhea). I’m good, bro.
[E] Essential start to your day: Prayer, Meditation, Positive Conversation, & A Shower. All are necessary for a great start.
[F] Favorite color: Pank, for no reason. I wouldn’t want pink things, I just feel as though it’s only right that I make it my favorite color. Afterall, Kimberly was a Pink Ranger.
[G] Gold or silver: Both; choosing one is so the 90’s.
[H] Height: 5’2″, and still standing taller than the tallest – let it marinate.
[I] Instruments you play: Let’s make that played. Piano & Saxaphone. Now I play with words & pictures.
[J] Job title: Jack of All Trades; there’s nothing I can’t and don’t do.
[K] Kids: Married? No. Therefore, kids: none.
[L] Live: Where you vacation, Florida.
[M] Mother’s Name: Somewhat overprotective over my parents, like they once were over me. Now the roles have changed — her name is simply, “Mom”.
[N] Nicknames: Kimmie & Kimbè.
[O] Overnight hospital stays: Nope, none. -knocks on wood-
[P] Pet Peeves: People who don’t move with a sense of urgency in urgent situations. People who ask questions they already know the answer to. People who ask questions they can google. People who are always talking about what they want to do while not doing anything.
[Q] Quote from movie: I just started watching movies, I know of no quotes, lol. I do, however, love this quote: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you” by Maya Angelou.
[R] Right or Left handed: Right, and at times I pity my left, so I let it shine.
[S] Siblings: Three, all girls. Everyone was hoping I’d be the boy, welp.
[T] Time you wake up: .. Based on my schedule for the day. I have 4am days, 6am days, 10am days, and 11am days. Heh.
[U] Underwear: Although I’m a self proclaimed nudist — I don’t neglect my panties. So yes, I wear them. Wait, was that the question?!
[V] Vegetable you hate: Corn. Ugh!
[W] What makes you run late: My phone and emails.
[X] X-rays you’ve had: Teeth?
[Y] Yummy food you make: I make a mean steak.
[Z] Zoo Animal: Lion, Tigers, & Monkeys.