“Feng Shui is a Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the laws of both Heaven (Chinese astronomy) and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive qi. Qi (or Chi) is life energy. Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water.”Without order, there is mayhem. Feng Shui teaches us that planned spaces are the best ways to create order and the best ways to give reason to everything that surrounds us. Being in control of our environment is important as it allows us to be more structured and focused in our every day lives. Always give deep thought to those things you would never imagine giving much thought to. This will in turn help you avoid being taken over by distraction. In all things, aim for Balance x Harmony. Although some things may seem a bit outrageous, here are a few ways you can incorporate Feng Shui in your home:

1 THE UNATTENDED Do not leave unattended things laying around and do not leave unfinished projects out in the open. Unattended things & unfinished projects only encourage a lazy energy and encourage a reoccuring sense of incompleteness. All open letters should be read, responded to, disposed of and/or sorted.
2 OPEN SPACES Keep furniture to a minimum and have open spaces for air to run freely. When only having the essential pieces of furniture, you have less to clean and this allows for a sense of relaxation to come over you whenever coming home from a long day of work. Your home should bring solitude.
3 ADD PLANTS Adding plants to places like your bathroom will prevent mildew, as plants absorb moisture from the air. And if a room cannot get adequate sunlight, it is important to find plants that can survive without it.
4 FISHTANK / FOUNTAIN A fishtank/fountain in your home can either bring about fortune or financial problems. If after four months you realize that you facing financial problems, relocate the fishtank/fountain.
5 SHOES & SLIPPERS Shoes & Slippers should not be left near the main door of the home. Having shoes near entryways, allows for the scent from the shoes to travel througout the home via the wind and Chi (energy). The scent will then contaminate food, liquids, and the people in the home.
6 FIND THE DEEPER MEANING Try to dicover why you like one room over another by finding out the deeper meaning as to why you don’t like particular rooms. When figuring that out, look to see what you want to change about that room & make the necessary changes. Clutter never brings about positive energy, so it is important to figure out if those cluttered things are really needed.
7 COLORS Know which colors bring about what types of energy. RED, energy of arousal. Brings about luck, happiness, marriages. ORANGE, energy of fame and reputation. PURPLE & BLUE, energy of healing and meditation. PINK, energy of love and marriage. YELLOW, energy of light & invitation.
8 STOVE & FRIDGE Should not face each other. Stoves & Fridges that face each other cause family disagreements. Fire vs. Water.
9 TOO MUCH is never good. Be sure to have variety throughout your home in order to bring about different emotion to those visiting. Each room should bring about a different feeling and mood.
10 BAMBOO represents money. Having it around the home will bring about good luck, and having it in places where it reflects (mirrors, windows, etc) doubles the luck.